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Smartwatch E1 MAX Links with apple Health App

Control your stress

Inhale... Exhale...Try this basic exercise wirh smartwatch E1 Max anytime you need to relax or relieve stress

Real-time Body Temperature

Your everyday watch that tells the time, tracks your steps, protect & monitor your health with heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and body temperature all day automatically. Smartwatch E1 Max measuring your body temperature quickly within 7 seconds.

Temperature Control

Connected 24 hours

With a few simple gestures, you have maximum control over incoming calls and messages

Support 8 sport modes

E1 Max smartwatch tells the time, tracks your steps, monitors your health, keeps you connected, displays your calls and keeps you active, including 8 different sport modes including swimming. With smartwatch Lenovo E1 Max you will have a clear overview of your data in the LENOVO Sports app on your phone.

Lenovo Smartwatch E1 MAX with Temperature, Blood Oxygen , Blood Pressure monitor

e1 max front view
e1 max smartwatch
e1 max back view

Product specifications:

  • Ip68 3 atm waterproof
  • Temperature control
  • Track 8 different sports
  • Stress control
  • Great battery performance
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Sleep monitor
  • Messages & social media
  • Female calendar
  • Camera Remote control
  • Android 5.0 and iOS 9.0 and above

3 ATM water resistance

Waterproof up to 5 meters. You can wear the E1 Max smartwatch for swimming. It tracks your movements and also records your successes underwater. The power of smart data accompanies you throughout your journey in search of health and well-being. All information is recorded on the LENOVO Sports App, in this way you can monitor your progress in a clear and simple way.

Protect & Monitor your health

Long lasting battery

200 mAh, standby time 30 days, charging time about 2-3 hours